Dating guy nice

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In time, just like my friend did, they will come around.

Don’t be sugary nice, don’t suck up to the kids, and don’t act in any other way than how you would normally act.

Go to places where you will likely find men who match your must-have list.

For instance, if you are religious, attend church events; if you are a sports fan, go to local sporting events; or if you want the intellectual type, visit book stores, libraries and college events, if you are in college.

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Ask friends and family members whom you trust to introduce you to someone they know.

When you seek out a date yourself, you must choose based on your own observations and the other person's word.

Meeting a nice guy through friends or family gives you an automatic review of the guy. Having a support group around you is more likely to draw nice guys than those looking to cause trouble.

Some men are not truthful with their profiles and can interfere with your attempt to find a nice guy.

Some dating sites pre-screen members to help assure you that your match is likely to be a nice guy.

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