Dating going dutch in usa

On the contrary though, if she wasn’t taking no for an answer I’d let her pay her half without feeling offended. I always split the bill, whether I’m at a restaurant or even on a night out.In fact, when I’m on a night out and a man buys me a drink, I’ll often buy him two in return.Many of my friends argue that this creates inequality in the relationship, but I disagree.There can be power in allowing someone to treat you while you’re in the first stages of dating.

Dating today revolves a lot around sex, and men feel they’re on to a sure winner if they pay for dinner.You can’t expect to be treated equally in the workplace and the roles you play in society, whilst also expecting privileges because you’re the woman.If I really liked her, I would pay the whole bill and would not even give her the chance to open a discussion on it.Although, there was one man a few years ago who Tweeted me and asked for his money back because I wouldn’t go on a second date with him.I’d like to add that he was referring to his own drink – I paid for mine.

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