Dating frankoma pottery

The method is this: Wet the end of your finger and touch the unglazed portion (usually the bottom) of the item in question.

The theory is that, if it is Ada clay, it will not change color. This method is generally, but not 100 percent, accurate.

This mineral rich clay significantly changed the appearance of many of the glazes, especially the rutile ones (Prairie Green, Woodland Moss, Peach Glow, Desert Gold, Brown Satin).

Further, during the 1980's, the clay was infused with additives which affected the color.

The firm made dinnerwares, utilitarian and decorative kitchenwares, figurines, flowerpots, and limited edition and commemorative pieces.

Important dinnerware lines include Lazybones, Mayan-Aztec, Oklahoma Plainsman, Wagon Wheel, and Westwind.

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Over time I have added a scan of almost all of the Frankoma catalogs. My goal now is to cover Frankoma collecting in every aspect.

And I will be linking those mold numbers to photos where possible. I have established a place on this web site under the “Collections” button to post photos of other Frankoma collections.

If you have items you would like to share let me know.

This changed it from red to a light pink or a light orange.

Many people use the "wet finger method" to determine whether a piece is made of Ada Clay or Sapulpa Clay.

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