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Or, for the cost of a yearlong subscription to a paid meditation app, you could take a few classes at a local meditation center.

However you practice, Diana Winston, director of mindfulness education at UCLA’s MARC recommends meditating daily so that it becomes a habit, and reinforcing the habit by connecting it to an existing daily habit, such as meditating after your morning coffee.

This app offers the widest variety of meditations, with the best guided sessions for beginners, as well as less-structured programming for pros.

Its easy-to-use interface was also the most streamlined. We think its more structured courses—which give you the experience of taking an in-person class, but one that you can do anywhere—will get beginning meditators started and help them maintain the habit.

And if you do, a yearlong subscription is —about less than most of the other apps we considered.

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“For every 3000 to 4000 meditation related studies there are out there, you can find tens of thousands of studies showing things like the connection between exercise and improving heart disease,” she said.An app that you carry with you everywhere can be one convenient way to do this.Meditation apps advertise that their services are useful for everything from reducing stress and pain, to improving sleep, and even increasing your capacity for compassion.If you’d like to learn to meditate, or keep up with a practice, a meditation app on your phone can help.After talking to meditation experts from the UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center and the UMass Center for Mindfulness, researching a dozen apps, and testing five, we think that Headspace offers the best experience, with excellent guided courses and great short meditations for people on the go.

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