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It may be noticed that the present geographical names are often used in the following pages as though dating from the earliest times. The Settlement of the Town— Pioneers and Burly Events— Incidenls During and Aftor the War of 1312— Facts and Statistics— Ran- som ville-Touogstown -Sketches of Proniineiit Residents and Pioneers 332-347 THb; l OVVN OF ROVALTON. C , Somerset .^.following Sd G Hyde, William H., Residence, Somerset following 368 Jackson, James, Jr., Residence, Lockport following 226 Jackson, James, Jr., & Son, Lumber Works, Lockport following 226 Jail and Court-House, Lockport preceding 165 Journal Building, Lockport fo Unwing 174 Judd, G. The charge of the province had been assigned to the Amsterdam chamber, which sent out a vessel in 1623, under the direction of Captain May and Adrien Joriszen Tienpont, with thirty families for colonization.

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Successive Boundaries of Niagara County and its Subdivisions- Officers and Representatives 10.^-107 CHAPTER XXm. It is supposed that they went a little above Albany. When a little below the Highlands, the Indians made several attempts to attack his crew, who, in repulsing their attacks, shot ten or twelve of their num- ber.

The history of so limited a territory as a county in New York has its roots not only in remote times but in distant lands, and can not be justly written without going far beyond the county limits for some of its most essential facts. The Village in 1810 -The Early Settlers— Samuel De Veaux, the First Merchant— Accessions fi'om 1821 to 1833— General Peter B. Porter— Business and Improvements — The Car- rying Business— Further Business Progress- The Upa and Downs ot 1836- The Hydraulic Canal— Mails, Stages, Railroads and Ex- presses— 'Ihe Press of Niagara Falls— Schools— The Fire Depart- ment — Incoi-poraiion and Civil History— Oakwood Cemetery- Churches of Niagara Falls— Business Corporations— Fraternities and Social Organizations — Improvements About the Falls— Acci- ' dents and Incidents— Well Known Residents of Niagara Falls, La Salle and Vicinity •- 300-318 THE VILLAGE OF SUSPENSION BRIDGE. subject to the approval of the States; to colonize the ter- ritory and administer justice.

Nor can such a county history be imderstood in its due rela- tion without a historical review of at least the State in which the county is a part ; hence we feel that in giving such an outline we have been more faithful to the main purpose of the work, while we have added an element of independent interest and value. Initial Events— The International Suspension Bridge Company— Busi- ness Growth and Improvements— A Great Railway Center-Tlie Custom-House and Other Buildings— Incorporation and Civil His- tory-Waterworks and Fire Companies-The Press of Suspension Bridge-Education-Societies-Prominent Inhabitants of Suspen- sion Bridge ™-'2s TABLE OF CONTENTS. Settlement— Extracts from the Town Records— The German Inhabi- tants—The Enlargement of the Cu Dnl — Pendleton Village — Churches- Lending Citizens of Pendleton 329-331 THE TOWN OF POETEU. The executive manage- ment was intrusted to a board of directors, distributed through five separate chambers in the cities of Holland.

This service of research and compilation, which very few could have undertaken for themselves, the publishers of this work have performed, and while a few unimport- ant mistakes may doubtless be found in such a multitude of details, in spite of the care exercised in the production of the work, — including typographical errors like the printing of 17 in the first column of page 56 — the publishers still confidently present this result of many months' labor as a true and orderly narrative of all the events in the history of the county which were of sufficient interest to merit such record. The Pioneers— Incidents of the War of 1812— From the Early Records —Building and Beginning Business— Physicians — Antiquities- Roads and Bridges— Burying Grounds— Villages and Post-offices Temperance Organizations — Religious History— Schools— New- fane in the Civil War- Sketches of Representative Citizens 275-28ti THE TOWN OF NIAGARA. Captain Dermer, in the service of Gorges, appeared at Manhattan, and laid claim to all the territory occupied by the Dutch.

Under the sway of cause and effect, historic events cannot stand alone — they form an unbroken chain. Niagara River and Falls— Fort Little Niagara— The Sttdman House and Farm— Porter, Barton & Go- Early Reminiscences— Early Set- tlements and Improvements— Niagara in the War of 1812- Early Events— Civil History— Niagara in the Rebellion— Cemeteries- Roads— Schools— The First Religious Services— Fruit-growing in Niagara— Drainage— Population— The Village of La Salle — Fletch- er's Corners 287-299 THE TILLAGE OF NIAGARA FALLS. The English embassador at the Dutch capital had been instructed to remonstrate against Dutch intrusion, but it seems his re- monstrance was without effect; for in 162 1 the States General granted a new charter to the Dutch West India Company, an armed mercantile association, giving them exclusive jurisdiction over the province of New Nether- lands for twenty years, with power to appoint governors.

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