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What is the breakdonw of number of active distributors per layer?Nikken is unable or unwilling to say what wow many distributors stop after one year;9.One of the things that are so rewarding about this website is the ability to compile data over a long time period and present it in a way that has so far not being available to collectors, either in book form or online.Online auctions were fine as a vehicle for purely selling watches, but their transient nature, with items being live for only seven or ten days and then gradually disappearing from view altogether, meant that these weren’t the ideal medium for permanently displaying a lot of researched material.Nikken does not have a R&D department that does research about their products;4.Nikken is unable or unwilling to say how many active distributors are active for Nikken;6.fuse=corp_leaders)On the 5Pillars website, in the Success Stories section, the second testimonial refers directly to Nikken.Nikken is unable or unwilling to say what how many of their products are sold to via retail, to NON distributors.

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The inside of the back cover is marked "MOON" and "A. After that early company ran into financial dificulties and was sold at Sheriff's auction, Mr.On the website of, I read that: "Today, people throughout the world are achieving balanced well-being by building their lives upon Mr.How many clients do you have, not including distributors who buy for their own use?Here, it should be possible to identify a subject and create a pool of knowledge relating to it, forming a lasting record that enthusiasts can keep returning back to whenever they wish.The stamps to be found inside Rolex case backs have always fascinated collectors, not least because there is a definable progression to them, but also because of the number of inconsistencies and overlapping stamps in circulation that shouldn’t theoretically exist.

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