Dating columbian men

People will often go out of their way to support their relatives.Close-knit family relations provide Colombians with a network of security and support, particularly in times of need.However, broadly speaking, men are the primary income earners for the family while women are expected to be the homemakers.While many women comfortably hold jobs in addition to their domestic role, men often find it very shameful for their wife to earn more than themselves.Nevertheless, Colombian women cannot be described as weak.They are generally taught to be independent and stand up for themselves.

The difference of standards is seen in the way socialisation is viewed differently between men and women.However, there is a great cultural pressure on women to get married and bear children quickly.This has restricted women’s participation in certain jobs and activities.In this way, the general cultural attitude towards women is quite .A man’s female family members are often seen as pure, moral and precious people – upholding respectability.

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