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Wealth affords the upper class a more usually lives alone and they normally have one to two children that move out of the household when they have a job providing a solid income.Nevertheless, bonds between extended family members remain very close.This is especially relevant to the lower classes as the extended family can act as an indispensable source of support for coping with hardships during difficult times.People from this social bracket tend to be more open about their family’s personal problems so that others can aid them in their time of difficulty. Meanwhile, the elite class are generally more private about their personal issues in order to protect their reputation.Colombia has made significant progress towards gender equality over the past century.

Women from the upper class often have more independence to pursue activity outside of the domestic sphere.

Men have more freedom to socialise outside of their family and are often known to have two reputations – one in the home ( culture also expects men to have a large sexual appetite, so while infidelity is not accepted or encouraged, it is somewhat thought to be inevitable on their behalf.

Women are heavily shamed for the same behaviour, sometimes to great consequence.

However, there is a great cultural pressure on women to get married and bear children quickly.

This has restricted women’s participation in certain jobs and activities.

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