Dating bronze artifacts

In 2010, the National Commission for Museums and Monuments in Nigeria demanded that the Museum of Fine Art in Boston return 32 bronze items which had been gifted to them by Robert Lehman, former head of the now closed Lehman Brothers.Then in 2014, British retired medical consultant, Mark Walker, decided to give back two bronze sculptures to the Oba of Benin which were taken from his grandfather, who participated in the 1897 expedition.Some of the looted goods primed to be given back to Nigeria include a bronze cockerel called “Okukor,” which is currently housed at Cambridge University.In 2016, the university removed the statuette from their dining hall after a group of students petitioned for it to be sent back to Nigeria.The city was set on fire and hundreds of trinkets, bronze sculptures, and valuables were stolen and later handed to the British government.Through trade and art dealership, these artifacts have mostly ended up in Germany and the United States.Archaeologists conducted a preliminary excavation in early 2016 before returning for several months in 2017 to make more thorough and detailed recordings.The findings were recently published in the journal Previous research conducted in the cave had revealed stone tools and other archaeological artifacts that suggested human activity dating back to around 10,000 years ago, according to China News Service's English language site.

This Paleolithic cave is the first ever recorded in Xinjiang province, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The relics and artifacts uncovered throughout the centuries have provided an immense knowledge base about how our ancient ancestors lived, what they believed in, and what skills they had.

Occasionally, an astonishing find challenges our understanding of ancient societies and cultures and provides surprising new information about civilizations of the past.

It has since launched an ambitious campaign to retrieve over 5,000 artifacts from museums in Europe and America.

China has appealed to Britain to return 23,000 artifacts taken from the country during its occupation while Greece is still demanding that the British Museum return its Elgin Marbles which was traded to the British during the Ottoman Empire.

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