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And all while being 100 percent open, honest, and transparent.”For Nina, a queer black woman who enjoys relationships with partners of all genders, the freedom to relate with whomever she chooses, regardless of gender, is an important factor in finding partners.

“A lot of men say they’re poly,” she tells me, “but then I find out they have ‘OPP’—a one-penis policy—meaning they’re all right with me being with women but not other men.

That sometimes means letting go of things when they’re not working for both of us.”hile the general terms plural marriage and polygamy (from the Greek for “often married” or “many marriages”) may refer to either gender having more than one spouse, it is most often used to refer to a man with more than one wife, which is technically called “polygyny” (a woman with more than one husband is “polyandry”).

“But we’re both committed to this lifestyle, and we’re committed to living it in a way that makes both of us happy.

So, it’s not just about if I like her; it’s important to Ashley and I that they also have a sisterly bond, and something like that takes time.”But time does not always wait when it comes to matters of the heart, and having such a personal experience in the public eye only adds complication.

“We’re at such a vulnerable phase of our lives—the search,” Dimitri notes.

It’s important to remember that there are other black families already living this way the world over, and successfully at that.

It doesn’t surprise me that people—including many black folk—are shocked to hear there are black polygamists in the U. I’ve had a lot of experience listening to people’s opinions about black folks and polygamy throughout the course of my 10-plus years of research on African and African-derived religions in Nigeria, the U. I’ve lived and worked with polygamist families, from secular folks like the Snowdens to those who are Muslim, Hebrew Israelite, and practitioners of various types of African spirituality.

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