Dating a warranted flask bottle

When I pick up an old bottle, I let the marks on it tell me how it was made.If I find a mark I don’t know about it becomes a “bottle mystery”, thus the name for my home page.When I was about nine years old, my Dad went to work at the Morris Chain Works in Ithaca, NY.He would often bring home little pieces of metal scrap products and he delighted in how I thought they were made.He got big belly laughs out of the bizarre descriptions that I came up with. Years later, I took Mechanical Engineering in college and minored in Metallurgy.

Often I would walk the railroad, in back of our little farm and often this would go about three miles to Burdett and my Grandmother’s home – that promised good cookies.In the spring the bucket was used to collect wild asparagus spears.This plant grew well and thrived on the cinders that fell from the steam train’s smoke.In the fall this trip ended up with me carrying a metal bucket to pick up pieces of soft coal dropped by the engine tenders, onto the tracks.These pieces were added to the wood fire in my Mom’s wood burning cook stove, to get a hotter fire when she needed one for cooking.

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