Dating a triathlete book

And during those private moments ignore any beeping you hear, it’ll just be our Garmins recording our heart-rate so we can log it in our training diaries.

People have forgotten that they can actually connect with the opposite sex offline. In total, I’ve completed seven mini or “sprint” triathlons as a “single” competitor. They loved a damsel in distress( yes that was me on more than one occasion).

Thank God for LA TRI Club and their Ocean 101 trainings. Straggle in late, chit chat like normal Italians do, and get yelled at by Coach Jerry to get into the water! And while you are putting on your wetsuit, and taking it off to shower…

And when it came to ocean swimming, I felt like a remedial swimmer! My friend Natalieann and I would meet on Wednsday mornings. Our topic of conversation during our run: where are we going for breakfast? I’m happy to say I’m retired from racing, but I still love to swim and bike… My response: buy a book on triathlon training, get a trainer, get a full medical physical exam which includes an EKG, echocardiogram, find a sports massage therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist… Believe me, I’ve had my fair shares of falls from my bike and runs. Please take care of your body during trainings and races! If you don’t end up meeting that special someone, I guarentee, you will make amazing friends…

However please note that guilt-gifts are not just for sins already committed, but also for future misdemeanours….

*A few years ago I took my wife to Stockholm for a lavish weekend-break to celebrate her birthday and to witness the Swedish Royal Wedding and subsequent huge “Love Stockholm” festival.

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