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We do know it was Savannah that got shot because it was in the promo at the end of the last episode.

So now I’m thinking she’s going to leave him if she loses the baby, because his job is not just dangerous for him, it’s dangerous for everyone around him.

We had a kickstarter at the very end of when we were shooting.

We were doing it half to get publicity and half because I had legitimately run out of money because it was so expensive. When we did that, literally every member of my show donated.

Everybody is after this Bengal diamond, and he falls in love with this really strange, very violent, blood-hungry, crazy woman, and he meets this woman named Mona Livingston.

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I love watching those on shows, so it’s great to be a part of one of those.

“So everybody’s adrenaline is going, and everybody’s not in their regular calm, expanded, creative mind to be able to solve problems. Typically, as an actor, you don’t give them the line, you wait for the script supervisor to do it, but sometimes it’s automatic like, “Oh, you say this.” But for the most part, I can let it go.

Everybody’s little demons come out because everybody’s scared. The way we wrote this, because it’s co-written by me and [executive producer] Erica Messer, was I wrote act one and act four and she wrote act two and act three.

Can you talk a little bit about how you and Shemar made that happen? I was only supposed to be in one episode and then they brought me in for the second one. We have to watch this sexual harassment thing.” I didn’t know if I was supposed to stay or leave, so I stayed and I was sitting right next to Shemar.

He was joking around during the sexual harassment thing, and I both wanted to be liked by the popular kid and I wanted to follow directions, so I’m very quietly joking around with him back. They’re like, “You have new script pages.” I was like, “That’s weird.” Then they sent me this re-write and it included some of the things that I was doing with Shemar.

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