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Moving the cpanel bandwidth folder mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth /backup/ ln -s /backup/bandwidth /var/cpanel/bandwidth 3.Also just removing some of the log files in the log folder can help you for a quick fix. You can use this command to find any other large folders: du -ax –max-depth 1 /var | sort -n | tail 5.Once installed, the script continues to run on the server until you stop it, or until the server reboots.

While the Daily Process Log in WHM can be very helpful in these situations, sometimes more information is needed than WHM can provide.

The recent version discussed in this article was completed by Bryan Christensen at c Panel in 2015.

Sys-snap’s installation is incredibly simple two step process: Download the script, and run the install.

Sys-snap is designed to help you see what is causing the resource shortages, whether CPU or Memory related, even when no one is looking.

This version of sys-snap is specifically designed to be used via SSH by the root user on c Panel servers, which means that this documentation and application is aimed at Red Hat and Cent OS systems.

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