Cpanellogd updating bandwidth

Servers inevitably have problems when their sys-admins are not watching.

While the Daily Process Log in WHM can be very helpful in these situations, sometimes more information is needed than WHM can provide.

Logs will be written to /root/sys-snapshot/ every minute.

Every hour a new folder with the current hour will be created. To stop the process, run the script with the --stop flag, and the script will ask you to confirm the process it is stopping: If the load average of your server is larger than the number of processors, load issues can occur.

You can remove these files using this command: rm -fv /home/*/tmp/Cpanel_* 2.

Also just removing some of the log files in the log folder can help you for a quick fix. You can use this command to find any other large folders: du -ax –max-depth 1 /var | sort -n | tail 5.

Get into the directory /usr/local/cpanel/base and check if any file as ‘awstats.conf’ exists. So a couple quick folder moves and symlinks can clean things up.

This is assuming you have a /backup partition and some room in it. Moving the log folder mv /var/log /backup/ ln -s /backup/log /var/log 2.

The version presented here was modified for use by employees at Hostgator and Alpha Red before being merged into a different version being used by c Panel around 2011.

A descendant of the 2011 version was ported to perl by Paul Trost at c Panel in 2013.

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