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In February, 1990, after center Moses Scurry punched Utah State’s head coach during a brawl, Cowherd used his perch as a sports anchor to slam Tarkianan and the team for classless behavior. ” Cowherd’s button-pushing style can be traced to his favorite radio personality, Howard Cosell. It appeared as though Cowherd wanted to expand on this point, but he caught himself before saying something he might regret. It’s one guy telling stories.” Cowherd, who was essentially plucked from obscurity in Portland by former ESPN radio general manager Bruce Gilbert, replaced one-man radio legend and frequent line-crosser Tony Kornheiser on the dial in 2003. Talking to Cowherd, it’s the opposite – his desultory eyes dart around frequently, and you wonder if he’s giving you his full attention.

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Eastern time, seems to relish the rebellious ethos of his show. “I can tell you, Mike & Mike are not getting in those arguments. They say, ‘Well, we bought the league.’ Well, that’s a You problem. Cowherd is always moving – he talks with his hands, his head swivels.We walked into basketball games and people were running up to him to shake his hand. and he wasn’t beating me in Portland.” I sat in on a pre-show meeting last week.We went out to dinner – he introduced me to my wife on this night – and we got comped at Benihana because the maitre d’ knew Colin.” It was in Vegas where Cowherd first learned that you can draw attention to yourself by being a contrarian. Present were Kates, Rob Kelly, his associate producer, and Jon Goulet, his production assistant. “That doesn’t mean shit.” When he’s broadcasting on radio, Cowherd stares straight ahead into the control room with kaleidoscopic intensity.Perhaps it was the distance from home, or the humidity, but he quickly was looking for an exit out. So it was back to the West Coast, this time Portland. ” Van Pelt has a co-host, Ryen Russillo, and many successful shows – the now broken-up Mike & the Mad Dog is probably the best example – have two hosts. Cowherd likes to describe himself as a mason when he arrives at work – head down, grinding – and he rarely pauses to look around.I asked him if he began sending out his resume after six months. In Las Vegas, Cowherd determined he didn’t have a voice for play-by-play, and his “last name wasn’t Buck or Brennaman.” In Portland, Cowherd saw ESPN was taking over sports on TV – making local stations less relevant – so he shifted his focus from weekend sports anchor to radio host. “When I was single for a minute, looking around, seeing all these beautiful 24-year-olds everywhere, I told my buddies this place could be dangerous,” he said, laughing.

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