Cocky funny online dating openers

Dan has been helping new men succeed with women for more than 14 years. What a great thing you’re doing." Jenny Mc Carthy, Sirius XM radio "Dan Bacon is the best at giving relationship advice to modern men." Mens XP "Dan has some great tips.

"Dan is a man that has found out how to make women feel intense attraction for you. Some men need that sort of thing just the way some of us women need fashion advice or cooking tips." Joy Pullmann, The Federalist "The Modern Man is teaching aspiring Romeos the natural way [to get a girlfriend]" A Current Affair, TV show When I first discovered the cocky funny approach, I thought it was the “magic bullet” for success with women and dating.

– I reassure you, they apparently do too.” At his place “This place could use a woman’s touch.” “Have you met XXX ? – Oh please tell me you’re planning on getting me drunk so you can try and seduce me.” “I have two bottles of Champagne at home. – Actions speak louder than words…” “Are you a good kisser? You’re overcomplicating everything.” “- Where were you last night? Why don’t you kiss, I love it when two chicks make out.” If they kiss : “So what do you an interesting turning of events.” To provoke.”And now to seal this sacred vow, the two ladies will kiss.” “Well, you know what they say, two’s company, three’s a party.” If the girl doesn’t know what she wants “Btw it’s a DATE.” “Two people of the opposite gender can’t rendezvous after seven p.m.? – It keeps things simple.” “Life with you could never be boring. ” “I think that’s the good thing about never being married.

” “Hey, are you good at accepting compliments from complete strangers? One to drink and one to pour all over your body…” “I can’t drink all this by myself. But then someone is getting naked.” “I want to kiss you. You can kiss me if you want to.” “I’ve never kissed a lesbian before, but there can always be a first time.” “OMG (oh my god) you suck at this game, but you can kiss right? ” “You invited me up to your apartment to watch a movie. It’s impossible to divorce.” “I google myself but I never cheated on you.

However, when you see someone on TV who is being too cocky, most people turn against that person.

Being cocky with women or with people is not the answer and if you go down that path, you will find that you piss a lot of people off and get rejected by most women.

It was a confusing time for me because some women were responding well to the cocky and funny approach, while others were responding very badly and even asking me to go away and leave them alone.

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” “Studies show that 83% of all college students desperately need, Sex Lessons!

– How homoerotic.” “What could possibly be so important that you misplaced? ” “It’s a good thing you don’t offer satisfaction guaranteed.” “If you needed to mark your territory so badly, maybe you should just pee on her.” “- You can’t keep you pecker in your pants for more than 24 hours. – So that’s how you plan to try to seduce me.” “Don’t be so predictable.” “Don’t be so predictable.” “Prove me that I am wrong.” “Prove me that I am wrong.” “- What’s going on with you two? Get a helmet.” “Whatever you do, don’t be another brick in the wall.” “Life is too damn short to dance with fat girls.” “- What’s on your mind? – Sounds Freudian.” “- What is your secret and if it’s legal I want some. Start partying.” “No time like the present.” “That’s the eternal dilemma isn’t it? ” “You know, if you really want to thank me, I’ve got a few ideas…” (if you’re looking for a way to thank me I’ve a couple of ideas) “You can repay me another time.” I guess the words you are looking for are ‘thank you.’ “Let’s catch up.

– At least I can keep it in service for more than five minutes.” “Only idiots never have a change of mind. ” “If you’re going to look at me like that, you should at least talk to me.” “It is God who sends me.” “If you buy me a drink you might get lucky tonight.” “- Let’s get a drink . ” “If I’m gonna feel guilty about something, I’m gonna feel guilty about this.” “- I don’t know how to say goodbye. Home sweet home versus the wild call of the world outside your door.” “Nobody cares. Take our clothes off, stare at each other.” “I showered, I shaved, I had breakfast, very relaxed.” “If you two want to kiss, it won’t count as cheating.” “Oh, that is so sweet! Who knew being in a committed heterosexual relationship could make a guy so gay.” “I’m updated our relationship status to: It’s Complicated.” “- You like married women, don’t you?

, said that he memorized hundreds of cocky-funny lines. – Not from where I’m standing.” “You`re not the worst company in the world. Sleeping with the enemy is hot.” “I still think you are mean, petty and vindictive, but I’m thinking maybe we should hate f-ck? ” “- Please don’t tell me that you and her are friends. “Wait, before you go, please answer the following survey so I could better bang you in the future. – No.” “It is physically impossible for me to take a bad picture. I will not go to your bedroom with you.” “So this is your bed huh? ” “Let the adults handle this stuff.” “May I remind you that you used to have a sense of humor ? It’s not attractive in a woman of your age.” “- Not cool. ” “I like tea because it is hot and wet.” “I am left-handed, you are right-handed. This is more of an ongoing, detached distrust.” “Well, you can’t win them all..” “Anyone can by cynical. – I want to throw you back in my bed and never let you leave.” “Where’s the fun in that? But with me you could enjoy today if you believed in it a little more and put in it a little more willingness.

Sort of.” “Stop being cute.” “You look stunning, if it isn`t obvious. – Not from where I’m standing.” “I’ve lost my charm! ” “I am a bad influence.” “You’re forgetting one simple fact. But don’t stop trying.” “-You don’t take no for an answer, do you? – I prefer to talk after.” “Aren’t we a little overdressed ? – I do my cardio in the evenings.” If she invites you at her place for something not sexual “No! I don’t know, baby, I never looked.” “- How old are you? I do.” “When will you guys realize that the only difference between my real life and a porno is my life has better lighting? There’s nothing I won’t try once.” “A fight implies time and energy. – Is it weird hearing you say that actually turns me on? Maybe I’ll just jerk off and go back to bed.” “- So what do you want to do? ” ” Ah no it is not me who like that, you probably confuse with your other boyfriend. ” ” Are you not afraid of being too much turned on later? ” ” – Having sex just for having sex, it is not really crazy – Itdepends with whom ;) ” ” I feel you sceptical, you probably knew a lot of guys bad in bed.

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