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The vessels used for conservation originate from the cult fireplaces in the necropolis.

They are provided by the Archaeological Museum – Sozopol, Bulgaria.

If—as the title suggests—this is a picture of America, then it is one haunted by the specter of brutality and death. Reclaimed wrought iron, wood, crushed cochineal insects, staples, industrial work mats, and carnations, 72 x 48 x 48 in. Private collection; courtesy the artist and PATRON Gallery, Chicago.

, Aaron Flint Jamison invites Whitney visitors into a space reserved for employees: a conference room visible but usually inaccessible from the Museum’s central staircase.

In its unused utility closet, Jamison has installed a Dell computer (purchased on e Bay) identical to one that he found in this location during a site visit.

The variety of activities and team flexibility make this project suitable for both beginners and advanced (either volunteers or students) in conservation.

The field school started: 2009Artifacts & monuments in the project's focus: century BCE) which is one of the biggest ancient Greek necropoleis ever excavated.

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