Childless dating man children

What actually happens often is that men who are already fathers get recycled.

Jensen considers herself a strong advocate of gender equality.

Norwegian women are much less likely to be childless.

Few men or women consciously decide against having them.

The share of men who are childless at age 45 rose from 14 percent in 1985 to 23 percent in 2013.

The share of women who had not become mothers by age 45 increased from 10 percent in 1985 to 13 percent in 2013. The development is paradoxical: Norway is one of the countries in the Western World with the highest birth rates.

The desire to have kids has not changed,” says An-Magritt Jensen.

Jensen, a sociology professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, concludes that something else must have changed in Norwegian society.

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