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Okay, this was something serious, she never does that. Ezra's the most amazing people I've ever met, he's so loving and cares so much for everyone else; ever since we started to intimate, I was amazed at Ezra's gentle touch and concern for me. About ten minutes later, she came out from her gallery and flopped on her chair and stared at the plate with food in front of her."Are you okay? " She yelled and got up abruptly and locked herself in her gallery. I didn't expect it but I decided to leave her alone for a while. I still remember the first time we made love, he was so nervous and was afraid to hurt me but I assured him that everything would be fine, after that, every time we make love, I fall more and more in love with him not because how good in bed he is, but how he acts. Welcome To Mannastores Blog, You can advertise on this blog by contacting through - [email protected] 08033858078, All comments on this blog are Purely the views Of Readers and Not that Of the admin!Information - Inspiration - Transformation (2IT)used to be in those days.Even before we started dating, we already acted as we were a couple, sometimes we would hold hands while we walked through the hallways of the school and other times we just smiled at each other when we were in the same classroom. "Yeah, she just…didn't have a good morning, that's all." I said."If you need help, call me, okay? I looked around but Sabine was nowhere in sight, so I decided to continue watching the TV. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, I felt him nibbling my lower lip and I answered nibbling his.I have to say, I had troubles to concentrate that entire year. About ten minutes later, I heard soft footsteps behind me and beside me. We separated when we needed to breath and we just stared into each other's eyes.In those days, people can put some few thousands together and make a movie.

It becomes an interesting week while Ezra meets his girlfriend's big family. Chapter 1Sabine's POVI woke up at the smell of homemade pancakes.When we were in our last year of high school, I finally decided to tell Ezra how I felt, so one day after school while he walked me to my aunt's house I told him my feelings towards him. I wasn't a good chef and the last time I cooked something, I burned the food."Don't worry, this time you'll be my helper." He said in a playful way. After a long game - in which our team won with 10 runs over 5 - we were congratulating Kanan."Way to go, man." Zeb said and patted Kanan's back."You did it well, love." Hera said and kissed his cheek."That was an awesome game, Kanan." I said and punched him lightly on the shoulder."Thanks guys." He said."Hey Ezra, where's Sabine? Sabine sat on the couch and laid her head on my lap. We smiled and we resumed our lip-lock and I started to kiss every inch of his face.I was scared when he stayed quiet and hanged my head but Ezra told me he felt the same, I gave him a big smile and kissed him. I rolled my eyes playfully and helped him with the bacon. "I'll get it." I said and got up and went to answer the phone. I smiled softly and ran my hand through her vibrant hair. I nibble lightly his earlobe and smiled when he groaned, then I started to kiss and suck his neck and he left out a moan but what he did next, surprised me.The name of my boyfriend is Ezra Bridger, he is two years younger than me and he has tan skin, black hair with hints of blue and his eyes have the most amazing and beautiful color of blue I have ever seen.We met back in our first year of high school, I was sixteen back at that time and he was almost fifteen, I was also the new girl in town because my parents had sent me to live with my aunt and she lived in a small city called Lothal.

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