Checkpoint updating client

Distributing the Remote Access Clients From the Gateway Use this procedure to distribute an upgrade of the Remote Access Clients from the Security Gateway.

To distribute the Remote Access Clients from the gateway:1.

Make sure the client upgrade mode is set:a) Open Smart Dashboard or Smart Console (for R80.x).b) Open Global Properties Endpoint Connect.c) Set the Client upgrade mode to Ask user (to let user confirm upgrade) or Always upgrade (automatic upgrade).d) Click OK.7. When the client connects to the gateway, the user is prompted for an automatic upgrade of the newer version. Put the new and files in the same directory on the gateway: $FWDIR/conf/extender/CSHELLI have no see from download link.

The Client Settings Policy controls if users can postpone an upgrade installation or if the upgrade is installed on clients immediately.

Edit the trac_file in the directory and change the version number to the number in the new

Setting Up Remote Access Clients Remote Access Clients for Windows 32/64-bit Administration Guide E80.72 and Higher | 286.

Enterprise Endpoint Security E81.20 Windows Clients are now available.

Edit the Default installation and upgrade settings.

Hi @Kiril_Kaper do you have any update in regards to Windows 10 1903?

I have tried to upgrade from Windows 10 1809 to 1903 and I have to first uninstall E before I can install Windows 10 1903.

Only solution was to go back to 1809 and install the R81.00 I have tried various clients and getting the version conflict issue as mentioned in some of the other replies.

Look's like we are going to be waiting for the release of the new version of the client which will hopefully be soon.

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