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Now that I have redesigned the materials around UDL to start with the WHY, it changed my thinking.

I formed a focus group to come up with new and revised statements for Strengths, Competencies, Challenges, and Obstacles that start with Multiple Means of Engagement.

by linking to strategies and research that can provide you detailed suggestions for teaching and learning.The WHY is about what learners are interested in and passionate about.I like the idea of being curious about who we are as learners.After working with teachers and different schools for the past few years, I received feedback that kids and teachers need more information to figure out who they are as learners using Universal Design for Learning (UDL).As a co-author on our book, How to Personalize Learning, Kathleen Mc Claskey and I created a checklist for teachers to use with their students called “Who I am as a Learner” that was based on starting with the WHAT.

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