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I believe UDL can support learners of all ages who want a framework for learning and who want to define their WHY for learning.

I love that UDL starts with the WHY especially when learners are motivated to want to learn.

The bulleted lists below each Guideline are the corresponding checkpoints that go deeper.

by linking to strategies and research that can provide you detailed suggestions for teaching and learning.

I first have to be interested in what I want to learn.

I believe that most people need to be motivated to want to learn before they are engaged in the process.

We need a voice and choice so we own our learning and the development of agency.

It is important to focus on our strengths to maximize our learning and to find strategies to reduce any barriers that keep us from learning.

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I filled out the form and created a summary for me.

I realized I was not focusing on what I’m passionate about and now wish to define my WHY so I can inspire others to define theirs.

From what I chose, I could see why it is important to start with the WHY of learning.

Now that I have redesigned the materials around UDL to start with the WHY, it changed my thinking.

I formed a focus group to come up with new and revised statements for Strengths, Competencies, Challenges, and Obstacles that start with Multiple Means of Engagement.

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