Chathurika peris sex potos

While transgender Iranians are legally protected if they start the sex-change process, there is significant concern that gay and lesbian individuals could be unnecessarily encouraged to undergo sex-reassignment surgery.

These countries had written and ratified these documents for over a half century; therefore, the Special Rapporteur’s claims about international obligations are completely baseless.[7] Indeed, the IRI’s treatment of LGBT persons has resembled a campaign against a deadly sin.

Many are forced to leave Iran and seek asylum on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

I was also worried that they would call again and harass me.

The Right to Freedom of Opinion, Expression and Information 4.1.7.

Who could have found out who has distributed the pictures?

Difference in Treatment of Active and Passive Partners in Sodomy 2.1.3.

Treatment of LGBT Persons and Homosexual Acts under Current Iranian law 3.1.

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