Chat with a dominant women

Why not give over your power to the person who is the most proficient?It makes complete sense when examined as a means of survival.As a matter of fact, women are so capable that many men, if asked, would say that their female counterparts run circles around them in the accomplishment department.Most women work outside of the home, and, care for the home and family.The contrasting list for submissive men is even longer: spineless, henpecked, milk toast, pussy whipped, mealy mouthed, etc.Is it any wonder, if language is the mirror of a culture, that not only are women encouraged to be submissive, men are resolutely discouraged from it. On the flip side of this coin, there is the "nature" argument.

Primarily, there is the undeniable physicality of women.

However, when there exists a constant and unreasonable pressure to perform, there will always be the desire to rebel against those irrational demands.

This is even truer when one's survival does not depend on the defiant behavior.

However, it is interesting to note there are more unattached women in society now than there ever have been..

This simple fact alone proves that men (or moreover, the strength of men) are no longer an integral part of survival.

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