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Women may also be hard-wired to be submissive in addition to being socialized as such.Primarily, there is the undeniable physicality of women.Even though men are no longer required to hunt big game and wield a club to sustain and protect their families, there is still the ever-present pressure to be manly.Submissive men are seen as so vile, that outwardly, the majority of men whole-heartedly rebuke any hint of submissiveness or femininity.However, when there exists a constant and unreasonable pressure to perform, there will always be the desire to rebel against those irrational demands.

It makes complete sense when examined as a means of survival.

Many women, who may well be naturally dominant, stifle this desire in order to conform.

Our society is so fearful and disdainful of dominant females that we have a litany of pejorative names and phrases assigned to them such as "bitch," "ball-buster," or "the one who wears the pants," to name but a few.

If a woman is pregnant, she needs protection and sustenance not only for herself, but for her unborn child, as well.

Theoretically, the survival of the species depends on that balance.

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