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Perhaps that's what Murray was trying to achieve when he landed the role of Jack Thompson on the first season of ABC's Like many Hollywood figures, Murray has used his celebrity status to dabble in projects loosely related to acting.He starred as Alicia Keys' love interest in the music video for "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" in 2010.As such, before we knew it, Murray all but disappeared from Hollywood. While fans may remember Murray for his roles in , which seemed to indicate that the series itself was clearly a major part of his success as an actor.So, given Murray's disappearing act, it'd appear that he'd jumped ship far too soon — and without a life jacket. This isn't to say that Murray is a bad actor or that he hasn't shown growth in his work. Murray was known for playing teenager Lucas Scott, and he did a darn good job.The following year, he embraced his inner Lucas Scott by co-authoring a graphic novel titled — a pre-apocalyptic story that focused on Derek Everlast's quest to guide people to a safe place called Haven, where mankind is essentially reborn.Murray also penned a thriller-romance novel about a soldier called -inspired apparel, which he promoted through social media.And while that may be a healthy personal decision, it certainly hasn't helped audiences remember Murray's superstar past or crave a comeback for his career., an online web series distributed through Crackle, which is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Despite how Murray's family has grown over the years, they've managed to keep a relatively low profile on social media.

He portrays Edgar Evernever on The CW show Riverdale (season 3-present).

Murray was born in Buffalo, New York, to Rex Murray, an air traffic controller, and was abandoned by his mother at a young age.

Those that do succeed often possess major acting chops and that extra "it" factor (Think: Rob Lowe).

While we're not saying Murray doesn't have an "it" factor, he just didn't sell it — at least, not how fans thought he would.

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