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Available with one or two blades, the Barlow's signature feature is its oversized pocket end bolster. Each knife features Case's original Chrome Vanadium (CV) steel blades that work hard and re-sharpen easily. Industrial Revolution, the Barlow remains one of our most requested knives. SHOP NOW Stunning, sleek pinched bolsters and the Case® Brass Bomb Shield elevate these eye-catching Crandall Jigged Cabernet Bone handles to a new level of elegance. Rich Brown Bone handles give this elegant family an heirloom quality that combines utility with timeless appeal.This will be on the largest blade of a multiblade knife.This number (for example, 5318) tells you much about the knife.It would remove one dot per year for 10 years, such that a blade produced in 1970 had 10 dots, one produced in 1971 had nine dots, and so on. Absence of those elements dates your blade as pre-1940.Locate the pattern stamp, a number of four or more digits and/or letters.The blade abbreviation HPSS is a combination of HP (signifying that the knife has a sheep foot and a spay blade) and SS (signifying that the blades are stainless steel).The abbreviation RAZDAM is a combination of RAZ (meaning “razor”) and DAM (meaning “Damascus steel”).

All of the above will help you narrow down your knife to a model, year and more.This family perfectly pairs modern materials with medieval elements.The modern Black Synthetic handles are beautifully accented with the new Case Quatrefoil shield, a shape popularized in Gothic architecture during the medieval period.See References for a short list of these abbreviations.Look for the Case distinctive “jigging patterns,” the texture that the company carves into its knife handles (see Resources).

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