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This means that they are more likely to value human causes and believe in public programs than favour private enterprise.

While high earning positions and higher social status was often reserved for English Canadians even in Québec (and this has started to change since the 80s), this has left some tensions in English-French relations in Canada and left many French Canadian women somewhat suspicious of losing their cultural heritage…

Laws for common-law couples give women in Québec the same benefits as being married, so many of them choose to remain with long term partners unmarried, which is not considered shocking or offensive in Québec. The French Canadian women’s movement has had its own current over the past century and while women have acquired the vote last (as late as 1940), the women’s movement is strong and vibrant and very independent from the rest of North America.

Women in Québec have managed to acquire accessible daycare programs and benefit from. The food is quite different in Québec than in the rest of Canada, and while there may be women in Québec who are interested in wellness and body image, that doesn’t stop them from eating!

They may be very forward and approach a man if they think he is too shy, or they may even initiate intimate contact or take the reins of the relationship.

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Could there be anything on Earth more endearing than a guy who says “about” like “aboot”?

He’s strong, he’s sturdy and he’s almost American, just without all the American attitude. On top of that, some of the dreamiest of dreamboats in Hollywood are Canadian. I have a bunch of Canadian cousins and when I asked my cousin what makes a Canadian guy such a good boyfriend he told me, “A Canadian man will always apologize to you.”A Canadian guy is never too much of a macho man to apologize when he has messed up.

A Canadian guy is just not the kind of man who could ever break your heart. Here 13 completely legitimate, completely honest reasons why you should date a Canadian man.

They may not be actively practising religion but that hasn’t prevented it from leaving a mark on them culturally.

Among other things, Québec has its own selection of swear words stemming from religious expressions and references, and many attitudes remain from Roman Catholic influences. Marriage is not very prevalent in Québec, even among people who are cohabiting with children.

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