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To do so, he invented almost all the basic components of microwave systems – waveguides, polarizers, horn antennas, dielectric lenses, parabolic reflectors, and attenuators.His spark-gap transmitters were capable of 60GHz operation.Some of Bose’s most important work in radio concerned detection of electromagnetic waves.

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Originally sent there to study medicine, Bose had withdrawn due to ill-health exacerbated by the disagreeable aroma of the dissection rooms.The device was called a because of the clumping action and was used as rectifiers in all the early practical wireless receivers, despite its operation being not well-understood. Early coherers had a problem, though – the filings stayed stuck together after the signal had passed.The device needed to be reset by a tiny electromagnetic tapping mechanism that jiggled the filings back into a non-conductive state before the next signal could be detected.First, it took place two years before Marconi’s first public demonstrations of wireless telegraphy in England.Where Marconi was keenly interested in commercializing radio, Bose’s interest was purely academic; in fact, Bose flatly refused to patent nearly all of the inventions that would spring from his tiny workshop, on the principle that ideas should be shared freely.

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