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Racial restrictive covenants (see database and article) and deed restrictions prevented by Blacks, Asians, and often Jews from renting, buying, or occupying property in most parts of the city and surrounding county.

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Sociologist Paul Hatt produced a set of more detailed maps of central Seattle based on a 1939 house to house survey conducted by the WPA.Continue further for maps showing Native American, Hispanic/Latino, and White population distributions.These maps are based on Tableau Public interactive maps created by Anna Yoon, Brian Lam, Gihoon Du, Jiang Wu, and Yurika Harada using data and shape files from the National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS). First a sequence by sociologist Calvin Schmid showing where Japanese Americans, African Americans, and Chinese Americans lived in 19 and where Native Americans and Filipino Americans lived in 1960 Another set of rare maps by Paul Hatt shows the residences of racial groups and Jewish families in Central Seattle in 1939.Scroll down to view maps with short summaries of decade- by-decade changes.We also provide interactive maps and data that allow you to see the population mix of each neighborhood and filter for particular populations. The map-essay below starts with decade-by-decade displays of the residential patterns of African Americans and Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders.

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