Bell internet usage not updating

Supposedly the contractors managers were contacted this was put on high priority.

I was supposed to receive a callback to let me know that they're coming.... I ACTUALLY AM EMBARRASSED TO SAY THIS IS A CANADIAN COMPANY!!

Still waiting to get this resolved although I will be cancelling the service I have spent probably a good 2 days total of my work time dealing with them and won't get reimbursed for that either.

The Consumer Affairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions.

I wasted 6 days waiting for this company to come and give me services.

I called them today to ask them why once again they didn't show up today when I was guaranteed this time they would come and again got the runaround.

Was told 5 days ago that a manager was going to call me in 30 minutes. I have never received such appalling customer service especially as a new customer who doesn't even have the service hooked up yet.

If this is what I'm dealing with in the beginning, I would hate to see a year from now if I'm having any further difficulties.

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