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The banker in turn revealed that he was acting on behalf of a third rate Dutch painter H. Van Meegeren, and on May 29, 1945 Van Meegeren was arrested on the charge of collaborating with the enemy.

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While in prison, he suffered a heart attack and died on December 30, 1947.

Thus, if denotes the number of atoms present at time t, then equation I The constant which is positive is known as the decay constant of the substance.

The larger is, of course, the faster the substance decays.

The physicist Rutherford and his colleagues showed that the atoms of certain “radioactive” elements are unstable and that within a given time period a fixed proportion of the atoms spontaneously disintegrates to form atoms of a new element.

Because radioactivity is a property of the atom, Rutherford showed that the radioactivity of a substance is directly proportional to the number of atoms of the substance present.

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    Tomasetta and Hovanec said they later realized that altering the minutes was wrong, and told internal investigators what they had done. The original indictment accused Tomasetta and Hovanec of illegally backdating stock options issued over a 3-year period starting in 2001, and scheming to mislead investors about Vitesse's business from 2001 to 2006.