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Remember: You never know what your date was dealing with before you linked up — if they were feeling nervous to meet you, stressed about meeting a work deadline, or anxious about whether you’d reciprocate their feelings, all of those factors can definitely take a toll on their communication skills.Certainly, you deserve to be with someone who stimulates you on an intellectual level, who makes you feel at ease, and expresses interest in your thoughts and ideas.Over the past couple of years, it has become increasingly glaring that most people aren’t as comfortable with silence as I am.What most refer to as “awkward silence” or lulls in conversation, I refer to as normal.When the stakes are higher, your nerves may get in the way of your verbal connection.

Wish suggests going on an unconventional “non-date.” What’s that, you ask?It’s a carefree meet-up that involves casual, perhaps even mundane tasks, like running errands together, swinging by a farmers' market, grabbing coffee or a pastry, or walking your dog.“Make your dates resemble real life,” says Dr. “Most of life as a couple consists of spending time doing ordinary things.So, make your dates ordinary events so you can get a feel for life with him or her.The first, unsurprisingly, is nerves — particularly on a first date.“First dates are often the scariest dates of all — perhaps with the exception of you and your partner meeting each other's families,” says Dr. “But the reason that first dates and family meet-ups are so scary is the same: We give them such high emotional importance.Maybe you are lonely, haven't dated in a while, or feel burned from your previous relationships.

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    We’re all saying these things because we think that’s what others want to hear, but the more you disguise yourself, the less chance you have of finding someone who’s totally into what you are into.

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