Are demi lovato and trace cyrus still dating

Shortly after his passing, Lovato revealed he had been suffering from a mental illness, and that in his honor she created The Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program.

The song from Lovato's fifth album Confident entitled Father is also about her father.

She’s created a space to talk about the stigmas surrounding mental illness and use her own experiences to help her fans when they are struggling with similar issues.

While she’s super popular because of her music, Demi has also been in the spotlight because of her relationships.

has turned into an international pop star who isn’t afraid of what anyone, including the media, says about her.

Demi has been outspoken about the struggles she has faced, particularly about her bipolar depression and her eating disorder.

Note: I’ve also included a few photos of Brenda solo from a couple of weeks ago.

Now, back in August, several media outlets got a “confirmation” that Trace Cyrus, Goat-Boy of the Cyrus Clan, had impregnated his young girlfriend Brenda.

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The two posted videos of them training together and Demi was often spotted at his matches.In late 2010, on her eighteenth birthday, she bought her family a 2.25 million Mediterranean-style house in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles; she described giving to her family as the "best present" she had received. Demi had a complicated relationship with her late estranged father Patrick.Demi had a puppy named Buddy who she described as her son. In 2009, She covered Daughters by John Mayer on the Burnin' Up Tour saying she could relate to it.It is rumored that Demi is dating Trace Cyrus (singer/member of the band Metro Station and Miley Cyrus's brother) but Demi isn't dating anyone.These are a few new photos of Brenda Song and her still-boyfriend Trace Cyrus from Wednesday.

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