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Others prefer that their child use training pants when they're out and about.

Once the training pants remain dry for a few days, kids can make the switch to wearing underwear.

He was like oh I’m just helping my wife change the baby.

But I’m not being funny there were parent rooms and baby changing facilities around the corner they could have both gone in together without making me and a load of other women feel uncomfortable.

Disposable training pants are a helpful step between diapers and underwear.

Because kids' nighttime bladder and bowel control often lags behind their daytime control, some parents like using training pants at night.

Instead of using age, look for signs that your child may be ready to start heading for the potty, such as being able to: Most children begin to show these signs when they're between 18 and 24 months old, though some may not be ready until later than that.

You may want to get a training potty or seat for every bathroom in your house.

You may even want to keep a potty in the trunk of your car for emergencies.

It often takes between 3 and 6 months, but can take more or less time for some children.

If you start too soon, the process tends to take longer.

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