Antique calico clue dating guide identifying in quilt

Finished Block Size: 6 inch Setting: Straight-Set, 13 x 15 blocks Approximate Finished Quilt Size: 78 x 90 inches In addition to your usual quilting supplies here are your fabric requirements, based on at least 42 inches usable fabric. Fabric A: 4 3/4 yard (cream, mottled)Fabric B: 1 yard (light green)Fabric C: 1 yard (medium green)Fabric D: 1/2 yard (dark green) Backing: 3 yards of 108 inch wide backing fabric Binding Fabric: 3/4 yards Batting: prepackaged queen size Step 3a Make Irish Chain Quilt Blocks. Head over to this page to see how to make an Irish chain quilt block (opens in a new window).

People who buy up estates assume that if a quilt has hand stitching and is found at an estate sale it must be old.In order to understand the knife-edge I need to do a quick review of quilt construction.In traditional quilting when the quilt top is completed the quilter makes what we call a quilt sandwich.It is very easy to put together as it is a basic nine patch.Make and use strip sets to make the block more quickly.

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