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In the following sections I describe most of these classes and what you need to know about them - starting with the Loader Manager.

This class keeps your Loaders in line with the lifecycle of your activities or fragments.

To create this database table, we would use SQLite persistence or an ORM that allows us to define objects mapped to tables.

When we want to display a series of items into a list, using a custom representation of the items, we need to use our own custom XML layout template for each item.

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This could cause the app to feel unresponsive or to even display an ANR error message.If Android destroys your fragments or activities, the You might need the ID for further method calls.So using a final static field for the ID makes your code more readable.If you want to write a custom Loader yourself, please have a look at Alex Lockwood's tutorial on implementing loaders.An important use of cursors in Android is to use a To support newer features on older Android versions, Google provides the Support Library.

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