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I’d come in, pull down my Levi’s and let him do me. It only happened once – even though he wanted to do it again. I didn’t wasn’t comfortable making it a regular thing, you know?

”-Miguel (37)/Straight“When I was in high school, I was a wide receiver for our football team. We used to hangout sometimes on weekend and talk about the chicks we thought were hot.

It was a part time job I worked during college to help make ends meet.

After being there awhile, I got to know the folks working in the building well.

Somehow, the conversation turned to which girl gave the best blowjob. It’s weird, because then the conversation turned to technique.

Maybe it was just a mutual attraction thing but before I knew it, we were going down on each other in his parent’s basement. He was happy and so was I.”-Nick (34)/Straight“More than a few years ago, I used to be best buddies with a guy from my neighborhood.

He began touching himself and I started doing the same. From that point, things escalated until we were both doing 69.

The next day, he messaged me and told me he thought I was attractive. The guy didn’t beat around the bush with it, I’ll give him that.Because I was super broke and needed the money badly, I was DTF.The deal was simple – we’d meet at his place on the weekend. In my mind, I just pretended it was my girlfriend doing her thing.At any rate, on the second night of our trip, we started a small campfire and began swapping stories.One thing led to another and the topic of sex came up.

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