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Valentine Catholic Speed Dating, the largest Catholic speed dating event said to have been hosted in Denver, was organized Feb.

The organization is an after church dinner club started and run by volunteers who attend Mass regularly at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

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Valentine’s Day, everyone who participated received Catholic Singles speaker Dave Sloan’s “License to Date” test and answer key from the website Several speed daters said it was a good resource for immediate questions to Catholic dating.

But as soon as I brought up attending Mass on a regular basis together, living a pure, chaste courtship, or raising a Catholic family, their tunes changed abruptly.

I found it refreshing to meet men committed to their faith.

Father Michael O’Loughlin of Holy Protection of the Mother of God Byzantine Church in Denver helped by recommending a method in which to ask faith questions in a short time period as one of the questionnaire options.

After each “date,” with “scorecards” in hand, participants marked next to categories like “consider date,” “maybe date” and “friends” and were asked to write stars next to their choices.

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