Advice dating after divorce children

While certainly, we all seek those fireworks with a member of the opposite sex, sizzle isn’t everything in a relationship.

Now that you’ve experienced a bit of life, you know that having a partner you can rely on for the long haul, who will be honest and open with you, is as important — if not moreso — than that chemistry.

You don’t need the same advice that your 20-year-old self would have wanted…or even your daughter or niece today would want.

In your 20s, common dating advice would tell women to focus on chemistry, that spark.

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And it goes both ways; you might be attracted to a bald man with love handles.

You might find dating more fun than when you were in your 20s, simply because the pressure to find a husband is off.

But before we dive in, let me explain why this article will be different from other articles boasting dating advice for women: the advice I’m going to give you is specifically targeting you, sweet lady.

So this article is written with you and your specific dating questions and concerns in mind.

I know you feel vulnerable and unsure of this rocky terrain, but I’ll make it my personal mission to help you navigate it.

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