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I was getting quite turned on and a little bit anxious at the same time. She said she got a good look at Andrew, and was quite taken aback by his rather large dick and hairy balls.When he saw her he just smiled and said “good morning”. She then walked over, placed her hand on the base of his shaft, and started to lightly stroke it up and down.She then told me over the phone that he must have taken this as an invitation, and moved one hand down to her crotch and started rubbing. She apologized for this to me, and said it was harmless, and that she wouldn’t let it happen again.Perhaps it was that I was both horny and missed her, that I told her to have some fun with him, just nothing too serious. She said he was quite tall and cut, blond with a nice set of arms and a great smile. She laughed at me and said, once again, to go wack off and calm down, that nothing would happen. She called me the night before they left for home and said that her aunt took the kids to Mac Donald’s for lunch, and told Heather to relax in bed before the drive home.

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She modeled it before she left for me, and let’s just say it was on her for only a minute or so.She told me she had a few mocking whistles from relatives, and laughed at my obvious horniness having her away.However, after about a week, she told me over the phone that some of her cousin’s friends were over, and she was quite a hit with one guy, Andrew, who apparently let her know that she was “hot” for an “old lady”.Andrew was at the house with her cousin, and went for a swim.Her cousin had to go to work, so it was just Heather and Andrew home.

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