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investigates why vampires have such a hold on our imagination, and whether the undead might still lurk among us.In 1897, Bram Stoker penned his gothic novel Dracula and popularized the modern vampire myth with the introduction of Count Dracula.JOHN BLAIR, The Queen's College, University of Oxford: They cut off the men's heads and placed them in the graves between their legs, tore out the hearts from their corpses, and covered the bodies with earth again.Could it be that the myth of the vampire isn't a myth at all?Lula Naff was born in Fall Branch, Tennessee in 1875.She later worked as a stenographer for De Long Rice Lyceum Bureau of Johnson City.

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In observances of Women’s History Month, I thought what better way to show off Nashville, the Public Library, and women than by reintroducing this famous woman that many may not know about but whose existence helped to shape one of the city’s greatest event venues.DACRE STOKER, Great-Grandnephew of Bram Stoker: Without a doubt Bram Stoker's created the most recognizable and potent monster of all time.But in the past, vampires weren't seen as fictional and belief in them was driven by genuine fear.In case I did miss a sermon whereas Truman did preach about "giving to the church", it would definitely have to be a rarity, and that is OK, because truthfully when you give to a church, you receive many blessings from God, and God's people need to know this. I've been attending this church for around 3 years.I am able to serve the Lord here, and the people I've met here are great.

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