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A conference in Dublin next weekend examines the extent of a growing problem.Last year Naomi Wolf conducted some informal research among university students and wrote about her findings.This week, I invited sex tech consultant Lux Alpatrum to explain the culture around digital sex, and how technology is influencing intimacy. on i Tunes, listen on Sound Cloud, or subscribe via RSS. You can also find the entire collection of What's Tech?

In other words, 'If you want to know me, come and live with me'." Addiction can be a consequence when people try to meet their needs virtually, he says.

The virtual nature of the internet can create seductive environments which allow people to disguise their real identities and "flaws", and spice up their sex lives in a disease-free zone.

The very real consequences of online sex can be online infidelity, cyber-sexual addiction, while having a profoundly negative impact on family and emotional wellbeing.

If someone is shy, socially anxious or has been hurt in a relationship, they may feel safer because cybersex is less intimate.

They feel more powerful and in control, while avoiding the uncomfortable side of a real relationship and sticking with the enjoyable and novel aspects.

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