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whenever possible because you can be very deliberate with exactly what you say.

Your salary negotiation will be more successful if you carefully choose your counteroffer amount and clearly articulate why you’re worth it,” he explains.

Too often, people think of salary negotiation as a battle: you, trying to get as much as you possibly can, versus your employer, trying to stay within budget.

However, this type of thinking can be counterproductive, explains Roy Cohen, “Never engage in negotiation as an ultimatum — an either/or — but rather as a collaborative process and a unique opportunity to create a compensation package that makes sense for both you and for them.

If a low salary at work is truly a dealbreaker for you, “get an offer that you would be willing to accept, but prefer not to,” Cohen advises.

“Tell your boss that you have received an offer, that it is attractive, [but] that you prefer not to leave…

“The first thing you should do when you receive a job offer is ask for time to consider it,” Doody says. Primarily, it buys you time to consider the offer, determine the appropriate counteroffer, and begin building your case to support your counteroffer.

“Know that this is a risky proposition: It could backfire.

It’s only natural to see if you can get a higher salary than the one that you were offered, but it needs to be grounded in reality.

Rather than just throwing out a number that you think sounds nice, you need to do your homework on what your skills are worth in order to provide a compelling case for your employer to compensate you accordingly..

Value, on the other hand, “refers to what you bring to your employer,” Granovsky says.

“From an employer’s perspective, each employee has to either (1) increase revenue, or (2) increase margin (ideally both).

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