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Our message is: protect your heart – and your money.”The AARP educational campaign includes advertising, webinars, podcasts, a fun video and a tip sheet.Each of the campaign’s content elements urge consumers to recognize the warning signs that their online suitor may actually be a fraudster: The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reports there were 15,000 victims of confidence fraud/romance fraud in 2017, with more than half over age 50.Me how long I wanted to join , just did a update on my acct and charged me .00 for 6 months then I read this page where all the complaints were, so this morning I emailed them to cancel me, I wrote 3 times today and they have done nothing, it says if you notify them before 3 days is up.They will cancel it, and return your money, I won't mess with them , they better get with it. Customer service does not respond to emails and the phone number is no longer accurate. First I was "matched" with people in my immediate community and it was very clear that AARP took nothing about my cultural, educational or preferences to consider my matches.

The AARP survey found that 10 percent of state residents have either been victimized by an online relationship scam or know someone who was.

I think there are better senior dating options out there. I have been researching developing a proper site for 50 aged singles and thought AARP would be a perfect and natural platform.

Did you get the charge taken off your credit card, Caryn A. The site advertises that if you don't get a date in such and such length of time, your money will be refunded. I was looking to enquire as to whether I might consider teaming up with AARP.

I am sorry to see that AARP squandered this opportunity.

If you ever get serious about it, I would welcome a discussion.

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