A visual language for querying and updating graphs

For example, you can synchronize two tables by inserting, updating, or deleting rows in a target table based on differences between the target table and the source table.Using MATCH predicates in a MERGE statement is now supported on Azure SQL Database and SQL Server v Next.Your decision to choose one over the other can be based on following factors: We are starting to add graph extensions to SQL Server, to make storing and querying graph data easier.Following features are introduced in the first release.

Other tools or services like SSIS, SSRS, or Power BI will work with graph tables, just the way they work with relational tables.

Transact-SQL extensions will allow users to create node or edge tables.

Both nodes and edges can have properties associated to them.

However, a graph database can make it easier to express certain kind of queries.

Also, with specific optimizations, certain queries may perform better.

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