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Possessory and qualified freeholds will always be considered for upgrade to absolute freehold.

You must tell us in panel 9 the capacity in which the applicant is applying to have the title upgraded.

When we receive an application to upgrade a good leasehold title to absolute we will, as a matter of course, investigate the easements and amend the register accordingly if we discover any easements that cannot be guaranteed (for instance, if a servient title does not contain a corresponding subjective entry in the register).

Use panel 10 to indicate the basis of the application.

For example, it may be that you are now able to lodge further evidence of title.

If the applicant is neither the registered proprietor nor a registered chargee, you must supply evidence of his entitlement to apply and this should accompany the application form.

If the application is to have a possessory title upgraded on the grounds that 12 years have elapsed since first registration, you must complete panel 10 of the form.

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