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Use panel 8 to tell us the class of title to which you are applying to upgrade.

For example, with a possessory or qualified leasehold title you may wish us to consider upgrading it to good leasehold or, alternatively, if you can satisfy the requirements in Good leaseholds, to absolute leasehold.

Alternatively, it may be where the owner cannot produce documentary evidence of title to an estate for some reason. Qualified titles are granted where there is some specific defect that has been identified and this is stated in the register. Under section 62(7) of the Apart from possessory titles referred to in Possessory titles after lapse of time, you can make an application to upgrade the class of title at any time after the land is first registered provided that you can satisfy HM Land Registry that the reasons for granting an inferior class of title have been remedied.

Details of how to apply using form UT1 are given in How to apply.

An example is where previously lost deeds have come to light.

You can apply to upgrade a good leasehold title to absolute leasehold if you can provide HM Land Registry with: Where good leasehold title was awarded before 19 June 2006 because the consent of the lessor’s mortgagee or the consent of the lessor’s own lessor to the granting of the lease had not been produced, you can apply to upgrade to absolute leasehold if you can produce the missing consent.

An example would be where a landlord is the registered proprietor but his tenant actually occupies the property.

If the application is to have a possessory title upgraded on the grounds that 12 years have elapsed since first registration, you must complete panel 10 of the form.Prior to 19 June 2006, we did not grant absolute leasehold title if, on the registration of the lease: Our practice now is normally to grant absolute leasehold title where the requisite consent is not lodged but we make an entry in the register to reflect this fact.There are many applications to register leasehold estates where the title of the landlord to grant the lease that is being registered has not been produced to HM Land Registry.This is the best class of title and the one that will be granted in the majority of cases.Exceptionally, however, this may not be possible, such as where some evidence is lacking or a defect in the title is apparent, so making it unsafe for HM Land Registry to guarantee the owner absolutely against the risk of some other person claiming a right in the land.

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