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The traditional three-year anniversary gift is leather, which is symbolic of the marriage reaching a stage of flexible durability.

The modern third anniversary gift is crystal (or glass), which has a special beauty, yet is still fragile—again, both significant representations of a maturing marriage.

It proves you’ve been through a lot and that after three years you need a great way of showing your appreciation. There is no better way to show off a gift than to have it prominently displayed in your home.

That’s why a legendary decanter set is one of those perfect Your man is the kind of guy who enjoys going on adventures and spending his free time outdoors.

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Research and make arrangements to do this together on your third anniversary.

A new experience for the two of you is a wonderful way to mark another year of spending your lives together.

If possible, arrange for VIP or backstage passes to the event to make it truly unforgettable. Pick up your significant other and give her the same flowers or candy that you gave her on your first date.

Go to the same restaurant and sit at the same table and even rent and watch the same movie you saw on your first date three years ago.

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